EffeUno P134HA 500C - professional pizza oven.
EffeUno P134HA 500C - professional pizza oven.

EffeUno P134HA 500C - professional pizza oven.

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Professional pizza oven in your kitchen

EffeUno is an Italian producer, which since 2007 offers professional, top-quality gastronomy ovens. The Easy Pizza line and the P134HA model belonging to it is a compact version of the oven with the parameters and capabilities of professional equipment used in the best Italian pizzerias. High performance, reduced dimensions, and reduced energy consumption: these are the main features of P134HA, a professional pizza oven that fits in your kitchen!
This is the best stove on the market powered by a standard, 230V household outlet.

In addition, ideally suited to the role of a home oven, in which you will also prepare delicious bread, cake and even bake chicken.

The pizza oven P134HA allows you to prepare a Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds on a certified refractory stone base. In addition, the inner chamber is illuminated with a halogen lamp, so you'll see how your delicious pizza gets blushes. The stove has two independent thermostats, so you can control the temperature of the lower and upper heater separately to facilitate the process of baking the pizza.

The oven is 100% made in Italy.

To secure your oven during the transport, we'll send it as a pallet parcel.

Highest quality

The Effeuno P134HA pizza oven was made of the highest quality stainless steel, it was used to make the baking chamber, cabinet, and knobs. The outer and inner pane of the front door is made of tempered glass, while the inside is made of ceramic glass with low thermal conductivity. All components used are made of the highest quality materials, capable of operating at very high temperatures. In addition, the outer casing maintains a low temperature during baking by forced ventilation and is equipped with a special seal to soft stop the door.

  • Electric Power Supply: Volt 230/50-60 Hz
  • External dimensions: 54 X 59 X 35 Cm
  • Inner dimensions: 35 X 41 X 18 Cm
  • Net Weight: 25 Kg
  • Nr pizza: 1
  • Pizza cm: 34 Cm
  • Power: 2,8 kW
  • Temperature Max: 500° C
  • Thermostats: 2x500° C