EFFE Ovens - N3 500C with biscotto stone
EFFE Ovens - N3 500C with biscotto stone

EFFE Ovens - N3 500C with biscotto stone

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Neapolitan pizza without compromise


The new N3 electric pizza oven from EFFE Ovens is made in Italy and builds on EffeUno's many years of experience. The main goal of the creators of the oven was to enable the preparation of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza in 90 seconds at 500 ° C, while minimizing the size, weight and price. For this purpose, only one heater with a huge power of 2100W and Biscotto - a stone made of clay for baking Neapolitan Pizza - was used.


Thanks to perfectly matched parameters and simplified controls, the oven is the perfect oven for pizzaiolo beginners. At the same time, the N3 pizza oven consumes less energy than comparable models (only 2.1 kW versus 3.2 kW), making it very economical. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the pizza oven fits into any kitchen. Other advantages of the N3 include good insulation, triple glazed doors and a high-quality stainless steel exterior.



Biscotto - the perfect base for Neapolitan Pizza


The great advantage of this pizza oven is a special, handmade clay plate - biscotto. It is an Italian product with ideal baking properties, which perfectly stores heat and at the same time prevents the bottom of the pizza from burning.



Technical parameters:


∙ External dimensions (WxDxH): 44 x 59 x 32 cm

∙ Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 35 x 40 x 10 cm

∙ Low weight (only 15 kg)

∙ Low energy consumption 2100W

∙ Stove in attractive black (Black Edition)

∙ Made in Italy

∙ Extremely easy to use even for beginners

∙ Pizza with a diameter of 34 cm

∙ Maximum temperature 500°C

∙ Powered from an ordinary 230V socket

∙ Compact design

∙ Outer shell made of high-quality stainless steel

∙ Triple glazed pizza oven door

∙ Baking chamber lighting


We provide full warranty and post-warranty service of devices in the Door-to-door system.

In the event of problems with the stove, we will send a courier to pick it up, repair it and send it back to you at our expense.



About EFFE Ovens


The EFFE Ovens brand belongs to the recognized manufacturer of EffeUno pizza ovens. The manufacturer's goal was to offer a cheaper alternative under a new brand that would still allow you to bake a real Neapolitan pizza at home, but keep costs to a minimum. Pizza ovens are characterized by simplicity and focus on what is most important. Like the EffeUno pizza ovens, these models are 100% made in Italy.