Biscotto stone for Effeuno ovens

Biscotto stone for Effeuno ovens

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A perfect complement. Effeuno and a handmade pizza stone

Biscotto is claystone specially designed for the EffeUno P134h professional pizza oven for home.
Handmade in Mastroianni Casapulla Stoves, according to the oldest artisan tradition.
The developers' goal was to create the perfect baking base at the very high temperatures required for a Neapolitan pizza (500 ° C), guaranteeing absolute non-toxicity and health safety, as well as very low weight and relatively low cost.

Months of refining and choosing the right blend of the best ingredients allowed us to create a product that is the perfect complement to the Effeuno P134h professional oven.

The product is 100% Italian.


The highest quality

Both clay and pozzolana are in fact natural, inert materials, completely free of synthetic products. The ingredients do not react to flames and do not produce toxic gases.

Biscotto has the following features:

• High heat transfer
• Absolute guarantee of hygiene and safety
• Very low weight
• The perfect compromise between performance and resilience

Technical parameters

Dimensions in cm: 40 x 34.5 x 3.1 approximately

Weight: about 6.5 kg
Due to manual production, dimensions and weight may vary slightly.


Additional information: Due to the thickness of the stone and its heating time, we recommend using it for baking at a temperature higher than 400C degrees. We do not recommend using stone in standard stoves