Elitalia Pizza Napoli - Pizza Oven
Elitalia Pizza Napoli - Pizza Oven
Elitalia Pizza Napoli - Pizza Oven

Elitalia Pizza Napoli - Pizza Oven

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The Italian original

Elitalia Pizza Napoli home pizza oven is a compact version of the professional pizza oven that can be found in the best Italian pizzerias. It has two heating elements with a total power of 1200W and a chamotte stone which allows for accumulation of temperature and effective removal of moisture from the dough, so that the pizza is perfectly baked and delicately crispy. 

The oven heats up to 450°C in just 10 minutes and bakes pizzas in just 3 minutes. Such short baking time makes the ingredients stay fresh and the cheese stays soft, which is the true secret of Italian pizzerias.

Elitalia Pizza Napoli oven preheats to a high temperature and is immediately ready to bake, making you save the time and money otherwise needed to preheat a large oven. As a result, the cost of energy consumed while baking a pizza is up to 10 times lower compared to a traditional oven!

Elitalia Pizza Napoli pizza oven is the only device of this type which has been made in Italy only in a virtually unchanged form for 30 years. Designed by Gabriele Ferrari, the device has been an unsurpassed model for the Far Eastern competition.


Technical specifications:

• Power: 1200W

• Maximum temperature: 450˚C

• Pizza baking time: 3-5 minutes

• Stone countertop

• Thermostat with an indicator light

• Diameter: 32 cm

• 1-year warranty

• Made in Italy

What's in the box:


• Elitalia Pizza Napoli Oven

• 2 peels for transferring pizza onto the stone

• User’s Manual in English

• Power cable


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The Elitalia Pizza Napoli oven is simply the best home pizza oven in the world! Check it out!

As the only one on the market, it is manufactured in 100% in Italy.

The oven is suitable for standard UK outlets. It has a UK plug. Just Plug'n'Play in the UK!