Optima Pizza Express Napoli - Pizza Oven. FREE DELIVERY.

Optima Pizza Express Napoli - Pizza Oven. FREE DELIVERY.

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Domestic pizza oven Optima Pizza Express Napoli is a miniature version of a professional oven, which you will find in every traditional Italian pizzeria. Put it in your kitchen, and it turns it into a real Neapolitan trattoria. Domestic pizza oven Optima Pizza Express Napoli was designed by Gabriele Ferrari and produced in the picturesque Italian Modena. Its unique design refers directly to the retro style, moved straight from the suburbs of Naples. Compact size and impressive shape fit perfectly into any kitchen, both modern and classic.

In our oven, you will prepare not only pizza but also other Italian specialties, such as foccacia pies, grissini, small rolls and everything that your imagination will tell you. Two heating elements (bottom and top) make the interior of Optima Pizza Express Napoli heats up to 450°C in just 10 minutes! This is the temperature that professional, large pizza ovens achieve. All you need is 3 minutes, and the pizza is ready. The base made of refractory stone will take away excess moisture from the dough, making a bottom crisp and perfectly baked 
The Optima Pizza Express Napoli oven has been produced in Italy in a small family business. The company is still producing the oven virtually unchanged form for over 20 years It was the first device of this type and is still an unmatched benchmark for all competitors.

The Optima Pizza Express Napoli is simply the best home pizza oven in the world! Check it out!

As the only one on the market, it is manufactured in 100% in Italy.

Technical Specifications:

• 1200W power
• Maximum temperature of 450˚C
• Pizza baking time 3-5 minutes
• Stone table top
• Thermostat with signal lamp
• Diameter 32 cm
• 2 years warranty
• Made in Italy.

What's in the box:

• Pizza oven Optima Pizza Express Napoli
• Wooden spatulas that make it easier to transfer the dough to the stone base
• Manual
• An excellent recipe for pizza
• Power cable